Perennial favourites, men’s pendants & necklaces

By Team Einhorn


Perennial favourites, men’s pendants & necklaces

Our men’s necklaces are a thing of beauty, and may be pinched by your partner if you leave one lying around!

Stephen Einhorn’s men’s pendants and necklaces

Men's Jewellery: Pendants & Necklaces 

Stephen Einhorn’s men’s pendants and necklaces are a thing of beauty and may even be pinched by your partner should you be foolish enough to leave one lying around… Jazz up a spring shirt with a lovely Inlaid Signet pendant necklace in gold and lapis.

Or add a subtle touch of cool to your look with our sleek and sculptural  Arrowhead pendant.

Stephen Einhorn Arrowhead Collection_Large Arrowhead Leather Necklace Black and yellow gold


There are many different styles and shapes to suite a variety of tastes, including our gold pendants on leather. And we can make our necklaces to any length in any style, you just have to ask.

The ultimate in casual luxury

Stylish men’s pendants and necklaces are a perennial favourite here at Stephen Einhorn. They are the ultimate in casual luxury. Stephen has always been outside the establishment, the establishment don’t want him, he’s too innovative too modern and simply too good at what he makes. He has built up a considerable following of people who understand the quality and aesthetic of what he does. So give yourself a treat and have a look at what could be yours…

Our Anchor pendant can be bought on its own, on a chain or on leather cord. Leather  gives a pendant a very different look, still luxurious but with a slightly more casual feel… Leather jewellery is a bit like Marmite, you either like it or you don’t!

Stephen Einhorn Men's Block Pendant Necklace

Our Block pendant necklace (seen above) is a classic Stephen Einhorn style, solid, smooth, and easily customisable… add engraving, enamel or have some stones set in it?

Stephen Einhorn Skull and Crossbones Leather Pendant Necklace

A new addition to our men’s jewellery collection is our larger Skull and Crossbones pendant. Our Skull and Crossbones was one of the first designs Stephen made and you could definitely say it is one of his favourite designs. This too is available on a chain or leather and if you want a slightly longer length do let us know and we can make it for you.

Stephen Einhorn Thames wood Pebble Necklace in yellow GoldOur lovely touchy feely smooth pebble pendant in the larger size is made with our exclusive 2000- Year- Old Thames Wood. If you would like to find out more about this amazing material please go to the Thames Wood section of our website. Hang a bit of history around your neck!

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