F@*k Black Friday!

By Emily Bradbury


F@*k Black Friday!

(And F@*k Fast Fashion too)

You’ll never see a 50% off Black Friday flash sale at Stephen Einhorn and here’s why...


Black Friday exists to push you to spend more money on things you don’t want. Things that companies have made too much of and then can’t sell. So they take a hit on their profit margins in order to shift their stock. We don’t work like that, because it’s bad for you, bad for us, and most of all, bad for the planet.

Our jewellery isn’t mass produced in overseas workshops. We make it to order right here, so we create only what's needed and what our customers really want. That means you can pick the exact metals and stones of your choice, fitting our striking designs into your own unique style.

You know who made your jewellery – our talented jewellers in our London workshop, who are treated fairly and paid the wages they deserve for their expertise. They create the pieces you love with the care and attention that we're so proud of.

We don’t do seasons. We make jewellery to last a lifetime, not disposable trinkets that follow the latest trends.

We don’t do sales. We keep our prices as low as we can all year round (without ever cutting corners or compromising our ethical and sustainable practices). We’re not interested in pushing you to buy at a certain time. We want to make jewellery that you’ll treasure forever. You’ll buy it when you’re ready, and you shouldn’t be penalised for that if it doesn’t match up with whatever promotion the marketing team have dreamt up this week.

We care for our team. We care for the planet. We’ve been awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark for our measurable impact and action towards sustainability. All of our gold and platinum is 100% recycled, our gemstones are ethically sourced and conflict free, and we use ecological and sustainable systems and products.

So F@%k Black Friday, let’s celebrate independent businesses and sustainable, ethical practices instead. Instead let’s support our local communities and good causes everywhere.

No Flash sale here, but 10% of everything you spend with us this Black Friday will go to Safe Passage, an amazing charity that helps child refugees stuck in camps and on the streets of Europe to reach a place of safety, through a mixture of legal casework, campaigns and advocacy.


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Earth Day is one of the biggest secular events in the world, observed by billions of people around the globe, all affected in different ways, and to differing degrees, by climate change. At Stephen Einhorn we use that knowledge to dictate how we run our business. We make beautiful things, we believe in luxury and decadence and joy, but not at a cost to anyone or anything, people or planet. We have worked tirelessly to earn our Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark which not only states that the way we make our products is up to standard, but so is our entire working practice.
Find out all about the sustainable and ethical jewellery practises at Stephen Einhorn London this Earth Day