Finally it’s a Leap Year!

By Team Einhorn


Finally it’s a Leap Year!

Tradition is not really what we are about here at Stephen Einhorn. We like to do things our own way and think a bit differently, and we like customers who do the same. But there are a few traditions that are a bit of fun. Valentines, what’s not to love? Christmas gifts, yes please. And this year we get one that only happens every four years: the leap year.

Now we are very much advocates for equality: women and men proposing to each other with gay abandon on any day, but back when it was not the done thing for women to propose to their loved ones (and very much not the done thing to be a same sex couple), the leap year provided a way out, and that way out came from the Emerald Isle. According to some narratives, St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men, but only on one day every four years. What started in Ireland has spread across the globe, often referred to as Bachelor’s Day,  empowering women to take matters of the heart into their own hands.

Hands, of course, are quite important if you are going to wear an engagement ring, and this is where the slightly less palatable ‘Twelve Pairs of Gloves’ comes in. If a man refused a proposal, tradition dictated he give his spurned lover twelve pairs of gloves to hide the shame of her naked ring finger. Of course it is also a cunning way of getting some beautiful new leather goods. Make mine red leather.

We don’t think you need permission to propose. Whether you do it on a mountaintop, a supermarket queue, or over a curry, we design for individuals who do things their way. But if you want to nod to convention, we can help you do it unconventionally, with our ranges of unusual, elegant, and classic designs. Take that tradition and make it your own. Go on, it’s just a bit of fun, after all.

Check out our suggestions below.

This Enamel and Silver ring is very popular and will win the hardest of hearts.

Or our Bright Light Engagement ring in rose gold with a back diamond! Oooohhhh!

We have a large collection of Unisex  Engagement rings just make your pick and do it!

 (Everything is Unisex here because we make it ourselves and we can make anything in any size.)

If your future spouse is a bit alternative please follow this link. We sell a lot of Skull rings for weddings and as engagement rings

And don’t forget the leap babies. They only get one birthday every four years so make it a special one.

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