Graduation Jewellery Gift Ideas!!!!

By Team Einhorn


Graduation Jewellery Gift Ideas!!!!

Yes my friends your children have done it! They have studied (sometimes) they have cooked for themselves, (sort of, if that includes pop tarts, and cheese toasties) they have lived ‘independently’ and they have negotiated the complex and often new experience, of falling in love.

Graduation Gift Ideas For Him & Her - Jewellery by Stephen Einhorn London

Now that your financial committment to your children has finally come to a close               (hollow laughter) I do think the little darlings deserve a present! We have many lovely things for boys and girls ( I know it’s HARD to say men and women isn’t it? Especially when looking through their bedroom door at the state of the mess, how do they stand it? In my day etc etc, actually in my day I was WORSE! But I’m not telling my children that!)

Even if they haven’t done quite as well as you would have liked, (it REALLY dosn’t matter what your mother thinks) they did actually do it and should be rewarded. It’s tough out there in the real world and everyone needs a few treats to set them on their way and mark this very special achievement. So be inspired by a collection of our graduation gift ideas… Including our gorgeous mortar board charm, graduation scroll charm and book cufflinks.

Graduation Gift Ideas For Girls & Boys - Jewellery & Cufflinks by Stephen Einhorn London

Our designs are all handmade in our London workshops which means… all of our graduation gift designs can be made in a variety of solid precious metal options. A personal engraved message or date can also be added to most of our pieces. Simply look for the ‘View Engraving Options’ button on each product page.

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