Happy Birthday Man Ray!

By Team Einhorn


Happy Birthday Man Ray!

Man Ray - Catherine Deneuve - Jewellery

Today we’re celebrating Man Ray – the American modernist artist who was born on this day back in 1890. Man Ray is most famed for his photographic contributions to the Dada and Surrealist movements but he was also partial to a spot of jewellery design… His designs not only reflected his “serious” art but also drew dramatic attention to the women who wore them (as you can see from this shot of Catherine Deneuve – those earrings are not for wallflowers!).

He designed most of his jewellery in the early 1970s, scouring his entire portfolio for inspiration. You can certainly see the influence that sculpture has had on his designs and although Designer Einhorn’s style isn’t quite as avant-garde as Man Rays, he has a similar approach to the way he designs jewellery – each design is like a little piece of sculpture and he pays as much attention to the back of a piece, a catch, the shape of the inside of the design, as he does the parts you can see – every detail is carefully considered.

So that’s why we wanted write about Man Ray on his birthday, to acknowledge a great photographer and a very interesting and creative artist. His work is definitely worth checking out. Happy Birthday Manny!

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