How Wonderful We Are!

By Jane


How Wonderful We Are!

Great Customer Service | Stephen Einhorn | Designer JewelleryCheck out the flowers! Our lovely Sarah was given these by a customer yesterday as a thank you for all her help. He was buying a ring for his son and was obviously finding the experience a bit stressful?! ( Women what IS he on about?) Sarah gave him the full Stephen Einhorn customer service, and he was bowled over. He sent her these beautiful flowers. Sarah was very pleased, and we are very gladdened by the fact that you our customers appreciate all the hard work and all the years of training that goes into creating our lovely members of staff. Also, just to let you know this is not the first gift of this kind the sales staff have received for their fabulous service, they have had wine, brandy more flowers and chocolates, even Konditor and Cook Mince pies….So keep the love coming, come into our showroom or phone us and ask us lots of questions and we will do all we can to help! Bring it on!

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Sam West is a very well known and respected Actor. He comes from an illustrious acting family. His parents are Timothy West and Prunella Scales. At the moment he is starring in a play written by Adrian Edmonson and Nigel Planer with Rufus Hound at The Park Theatre called 'It’s Heading Straight Towards Us'.
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