Mother’s Day – What Is It & Where Did It Come From?

By Team Einhorn


Mother’s Day – What Is It & Where Did It Come From?


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Mother’s Day is an American invention. It was started by a certain Anna Jarvis to honour her own dear mother. She campaigned so hard for a day to honour mothers that eventually Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation creating Mother’s Day – it was official. Then… Hallmark got involved and of course started making loads of money from Mother’s Day with cards etc which was not the point, and Anna tried hard to stop it all but it was too late. Anna Jarvis wanted everyone to honour their Mothers, and for her, Mother’s Day was a day on which you wrote your mother a letter to tell her how much you loved and admired her, it was not to buy her cards and presents.

Well, things have certainly moved on from the initial conception. You would have to have a cold heart indeed to ignore your Mother on Mother’s Day. I think it is wonderful to celebrate all Mothers wherever they are. I’m sure any mother would love to get a handwritten letter expressing your genuine love and affection for her, but so would she like (I feel fairly sure) to be given a wonderful Mother’s Day jewellery gift (bought from us naturally) that she can wear all the time to remind her of your thoughtfulness on her special day, and to wipe away her memories of tantrums, sleeplessness, dirty nappies, empty cider bottles, and swearing…

Show her you love her, do the right thing, she really put in the hours… 

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