Olympic Pictures

By Jane


Olympic Pictures

London 2012 Olympic Village Preview | Jewellery Designer Stephen Einhorn LondonThe top picture is the Olympic Village where the athletes will stay. Each apartment is being built without a kitchen, these will be added after the athletes have all left. The reason they don’t put kitchens in during the games, is all those highly strung athletes being in a state of nervous tension,  cannot be allowed to go near a naked flame in case they set fire to themselves or burn down the Olympic Village. Consequently they are building temporary canteens so the athletes don’t starve!

The other picture is one that all the  building engineers want you to see of the incredibly complex and intricate structure of the new Velodrome metal work.  This will eventually be clad entirely in wood. The roof looks as if its floating above the ground with not much holding it up. When it’s finished the base of the building will have a glass wall with grass going right up to it so that you can go and watch the cyclists pounding around the circuit.

You can still go round the site and have a look and I would really encourage you to do so because its a very inspiring project and gives you a sense of how brilliant humans can be when they use their brains, and when they get the right people to take charge!

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