Our London: The Strawberry Owl & Wimbledon

By Team Einhorn


Our London: The Strawberry Owl & Wimbledon

Strawberry owl anyone? Designer Einhorn is a big tennis fan and is quite excited about Wimbledon which started yesterday. The TV is on in the office and don’t try talking to him for the next two weeks because he won’t reply. He is there, on the court, playing the noble game.

I don’t know that much about tennis but I do know about strawberries… And did you know that over 8,615 punnets are eaten every day at Wimbledon? This owl has absolutely nothing to do with tennis, I just so happen to like owls… So game, set and match to the strawberry with the big eyes. What a champ!

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Ah pearl jewellery, your granny has it, your mum has it, and hopefully you have it too. To my mind pearls were always synonymous with old ladyish type ‘sty
LGBTQI+ rights have come a long way since we first started our business in 1995 (although sadly we've still got a long way to go.) Back in the 1990s we were devastated to hear our gay friends tell us that they were often made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome when they shopped for their engagement, commitment and eternity rings.  We felt back then as we do now that everyone deserves to feel special and valued when buying these significant pieces of jewellery. We made it our mission to create a safe haven where every single one of our customers is treated with the utmost respect, and we only hire staff who share our values.
Whatever the occasion, you can use Stephen Einhorn’s Key jewellery collection to make your own meanings. You choose the occasion, let us do the rest.