Our Silver Skull Ring

By Team Einhorn


Our Silver Skull Ring

This was sent to us by a lovely customer on Christmas Eve and we would like to share it with you. He said he had never posted anything up on YouTube before but he loved the ring so much he wanted to share the experience! We were really pleased so we sent him a little gift as a thank you! We thought it was the wrong size due to the sellotape and offered to make him a new one but apparently it’s there so he can wear it at work and it doesn’t move.


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Ah pearl jewellery, your granny has it, your mum has it, and hopefully you have it too. To my mind pearls were always synonymous with old ladyish type ‘sty
We're answering our customers most asked skull ring questions, including how do you wear a skull ring? What do skull rings symbolise? And which celebrities wear skull rings. Shop beautiful solid gold and silver handmade skull rings with free UK delivery via our website.
Whatever the occasion, you can use Stephen Einhorn’s Key jewellery collection to make your own meanings. You choose the occasion, let us do the rest.