Painting London Houses In Our Showroom

By Team Einhorn


Painting London Houses In Our Showroom

I don’t know if any of you have ever had the pleasure of visiting our lovely London jewellery shop, but if you have, you will know that we take a lot of time and effort with our shop displays. The latest display was drawn by me and then painstakingly coloured in by those of us who work in the shop. It literally took weeks. Each house was printed out, stuck on foam board, cut out and then coloured in by hand using brush pens and ink. I wanted the houses to look hand painted, so you could see the brush strokes, and you most defintely can.

Stephen Einhorn London Jewellery Shop - Summer Display

The houses I used for the display are not all Islington houses. I grew up in Notting Hill Gate (it certainly was not the posh place it is now) and I wanted to recreate some of the houses that I used to walk past on my way to school. A couple of the other houses are from one of the oldest terraces in London situated on Newington Green very close to here, and then, of course, there are two houses from Islington. One from opposite our showroom in Compton Terrace and one from Cloudsley Square. So for all you London aficionados, you can now ‘train spot’ the houses in our shop display.

Oh and of course I was helped (well not really) by my granddaughter Sylvie, who kindly slept in a sling while I got on with my work. Slings are totally brilliant, even Designer Einhorn has used the sling in the workshop with a little tiddler in it.

I used them for my own children when I worked and when they got in the way of what I was doing I switched them around and carried them on my back so they were always with me and I could carry on with what I was doing. Naturally we are trying to break Sylvie slowly into the business, in a few years we will get her working in the workshop/ shop and you can come and visit and say hello to 3 generations of Einhorns!

Our London jewellery shop is located at 210 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 1RL and is open Monday to Saturday 10:00-18:00 (excluding Tuesdays when we open at 11am and bank holidays when we are closed). You can email us at or call us on +44 (0) 20 7359 4977.

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