Photo Friday – Happy Birthday Stephen!

By Team Einhorn


Photo Friday – Happy Birthday Stephen!

Why a dog in a party hat I hear you cry?? Well it’s only Designer Einhorn’s birthday today and who doesn’t love a dog in a party hat!? Happy birthday Stephen! Errmmm did someone say cake? Coming…

Happy Birthday

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Sam West is a very well known and respected Actor. He comes from an illustrious acting family. His parents are Timothy West and Prunella Scales. At the moment he is starring in a play written by Adrian Edmonson and Nigel Planer with Rufus Hound at The Park Theatre called 'It’s Heading Straight Towards Us'.
Ah pearl jewellery, your granny has it, your mum has it, and hopefully you have it too. To my mind pearls were always synonymous with old ladyish type ‘sty
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