Roman Oak Jewellery

By Stephen Einhorn


Roman Oak Jewellery

Our London Roman Thames Oak is beautiful, unique, and imbued with historical significance. If you want to own a piece of designer, luxury jewellery with a connection to the city of London's past, or simply want to find out more about this fabulous material, read on…




In 63AD the Romans built a port on the great city of Londinium. They made this port from Oak trees, dragging these huge trunks from where they were growing in the forest on the Greenwich peninsular (now a bustling part of South East London). The city grew, and thrived, evolved and changed, the Romans left Britain, the Anglo Saxons and the Normans came and went, and Londinium slowly became the London we know and love today: made up of people and cultures from all over the world. The port was submerged beneath the waves of the Thames, and the ancient oak buried beneath its silt, perfectly preserved, until a team of archaeologists dug it up, quite by accident, at the turn of the Millennium.



The ancient Thames wood found its way to Stephen Einhorn, well known for his iconoclastic sensibility and love of new materials. Stephen immediately saw the beauty and potential in this remarkable wood: black like ebony, textured like oak, and when polished, as smooth as silk. Since the year 2000 the oak has been a cornerstone of one of Stephen’s signature design collections. It is available exclusively to us: no one else on earth has this precious resource, and when it has gone, it has gone. Or not quite. It’ll still be preserved in your jewellery for years to come…