Inlaid Signet Cufflinks

In 9 Carat Rose Gold with Hand Cut Thames Wood


Inlaid Signet cufflinks handmade in our London workshops in a variety of solid precious metal options including silver, platinum, onyx, lapis and our 2000 Year Old Thames Wood. These would look amazing on a nicely laundered crisp white shirt cuff, or even one of those really bright pink shirts that city gents like to wear. I don't really know where that particular fashion comes from but there will be some old tradition? Apparently according to one study, you earn more if you wear pink...

These cufflinks are approximately 16x16mm and 3.5mm deep with a 13x13mm inlaid stone.

Gift Box

Gift Box - £0.00

Each one of our pieces comes delivered to you in our elegant eco-friendly, branded packaging as standard.

Speckled Egg Breakable Packaging

Speckled Egg Breakable Packaging - £49.00

Our unique, patented, Breakable Egg plaster packaging. Amazingly beautiful and life-like, each one is hand painted, just for you.
The ultimate in gift packaging, you won't find anything like this anywhere else.

Heartbreak Breakable Packaging

Heartbreak Breakable Packaging - £49.00

Our romantic, patented, breakable plaster packaging. The ultimate in gift packaging, you won't find anything like this elsewhere! Encase a piece of our jewellery or one of our gift certificates inside and watch the recipient's eyes light up as they crack the heart open to reveal their prize. Please be gentle with me!

Cufflink Foot Engraving

Cufflink Foot Engraving - £7.50 per letter

Cost: £0.00

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