Show-Stopping Christmas Gift Ideas

By Team Einhorn


Show-Stopping Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time again… the time of year that you think you dread, but then you see the Christmas lights in Covent Garden (this year they are good!) and you think to yourself… actually I really like Christmas!

I particularly like buying presents, especially stocking fillers, although why they are considered a small gift is beyond me as I usually spend a small fortune on them! I get a rising feeling of excitement when I think I have found exactly the right thing for someone. I want to ring them immediately and tell them how clever I am, but that’s just me, it’s like having to keep a secret.  Agony and ecstasy!

If I were going to suggest a gift idea from Stephen Einhorn, I would suggest our Breakable Heart gift packaging, which is a totally original and show-stopping item.

Heartbreak Breakable Heart Gift Packaging - Stephen Einhorn London

You can put one at every place setting, with a unique jewellery design inside – say a silver charm or tie pin for each person? Alternatively if you are feeling very benevolent, maybe a sparkly diamond gift? Or an engagement ring? No, now I’m just being silly you can’t become engaged to all your guests and yet… Supposing you wanted to propose to someone? You put a silver charm or tie pin in everyone else’s Breakable Heart but in your intendeds’ heart you put an engagement ring? And then, double whammy you are engaged AND you’ve saved on phone calls because the whole family is already there, simply super!

Well that’s one Christmas gift idea for you but if you need more inspiration you should check out our Christmas gift collection, where you’ll find a wonderful array of men’s and women’s jewellery gifts, which have all been lovingly, handcrafted in our London workshop.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas - Men's & Women's Jewellery - Stephen Einhorn London

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