What is the September birthstone?

By Team Einhorn


What is the September birthstone?

Originally published September 5th 2018. Edited and reposted Friday 30th August 2019.

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Sapphire: the September birthstone

Just as all that glitters is not gold, not every stone named for its blue colour is actually blue. Sapphires, named after the ancient Greek and Latin for blue, come in a range of colours from violet through orange and pink to grey and green, making them a gorgeously versatile gemstone for those lucky things born in September.

These non-blue sapphires are known as ‘fancy’ and come in a breath-taking variety of shades. In fact, the ruby is the same mineral as sapphire (corundum) but it has its own name to differentiate it from the reddish/pink hues of fancy sapphires. The most desired blue sapphire is ‘Cornflower Blue,’ a beautiful deep mid blue, which, nestled into a gold or platinum setting really draws the eye.

Sapphire Sky by Henrieta Angel

Sapphire meaning and history

Sapphires have, in fact, long been desired. The Ancient Persians believed the sky was painted blue by their reflection and treasured them as holy stones. Many religions thought the colour represented the heavens, and ancient kings wore them as a defence against harm. Worn by film stars and royalty alike, these stones take millions, even billions of years to form, and represent a tiny piece of mesmerising history. They form in the earth and reflect the skies. What more could you wish for in a birthstone?

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September birthstone jewellery

Whether you are looking for a sapphire ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace dangling elegantly at the nape of your neck or a pair of cufflinks with some stones set into them, we have something for you or your beloved. Have a look at our sapphire: September birthstone jewellery collection. In fact simply have a look at our collection: anything you see can be customised with a sapphire of your choice, any stone changed for a stone which celebrates you or someone you love.

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