Bespoke Fish Flesh Tunnel Earrings

In sterling silver.

Featuring a rainbow trout, these unusual earrings were commissioned as a special treat by one of our customers. They look amazing and a real objet d'art. Totally exquisite! 

Bespoke Flower Stud Earrings

In 9ct white gold, diamonds & blue sapphires.

Handcrafted from our customer's inherited diamond and sapphire brooch, we used this treasured item to create a more wearable piece that fits her personal style.

Bespoke Hoop Earrings

In sterling silver with 2000 year old Thames Wood.

A beautiful way to feature our Thames wood. These hoops are delicate, sophisticated and simply stunning.

Bespoke Enamel Rose Earrings

In sterling silver, 9ct rose gold and with 1.5mm diamonds.

These lovely earrings were made to go with a brooch we had already made for this customer.

Bespoke Flower Drop Earrings

18 carat yellow gold with green tsavorites, diamonds and rubies.

Part of a beautiful and unusual set alongside an equally stunning flower ring!

Bespoke Spiky Pearl Earrings

In sterling silver with green south sea pearls

Made especially for the winner of an auction prize that we donated to the National Aids Trust. These were made from luscious pearls with handmade silver spikes added to custom made hoop earrings.

Gerry working in the Stephen Einhorn workshop

Handmade In Our London Workshop

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