On the left there is a jeweller working on a hand made chain that will have the stop watch with the face on attached to it. We can see the face in the background. On the right a jeweller with a hacksaw is cutting a bit of chain.  Made for the film Dumbo

Bespoke key pendant necklace worn by Nico Parker’s character Milly Farrier and a face fob and handmade chain worn by Danny DeVito’s character Max Medici.

"What surprised me the most and what I find interesting about the films I have worked on, is the total commitment to really fine craftsmanship the films production team have towards the costumes and jewellery. It makes it a real pleasure for my team and I to be able to work on such interesting and imaginative projects. The jewellery designs they commission have exactly the same level of excellence as the bespoke pieces I make."

– Stephen Einhorn

Bespoke Face Fob And Handmade Chain

This bespoke face fob and handmade chain was made for Danny Devito’s character in Tim Burton and Disney's Dumbo. This piece was inspired by Georges Méliès film and famous special effects moon in - Le Voyage dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon), from 1902. It's a lovely bronze chain with a watch on the end, which tucks nicely into Danny DeVito's waistcoat. How else could a circus master tell the time? Designed and custom made in our London workshop.