A Beautiful Wedding With Lots Of Stephen Einhorn Jewellery!

By Team Einhorn


A Beautiful Wedding With Lots Of Stephen Einhorn Jewellery!

Aaah this was a wedding Designer Einhorn and I were invited to. Ava is Einhorn’s niece. It was a very special day as the beautiful Ava was marrying the man of her dreams. She sashayed down the aisle in the most stunningly adorable dress and I could feel designer Einhorn clutch my arm with emotion. As I leant forward to get my tissues I noticed that the groom was wearing our fabulous fang cufflinks. The ceremony commenced without incident (apart from Einhorn sobbing quietly beside me – he’s such an emotional person!)

Designer Einhorn Goes To A Wedding - Stephen Einhorn Men's & Women's Wedding Rings London

The registrar was moved to tears by the beauty of the wedding rings Einhorn had made specially for the happy couple (Liquid wide ring in rose gold and Liquid slim ring in white gold) and as they placed the rings on each others’ fingers there was actually an audible gasp from the congregation.

As we stood in line to greet the newlyweds I grasped Ava’s hands in mine feeling a huge welling up of emotion and noticed she was wearing our Carmen bracelet in white with sterling silver clasps, and our rather lovely Contessa Leaf earrings in rose gold with white pearl. (I made a swift note to also offer them in grey as I think they too would look fetching….)

Einhorn grasped Manos to his manly chest and openly wept so moved was he by the happiness he felt,  I stared, as Manos’ Fang stud earrings glinted in the light. (Another note to self… Must get more pictures of very manly men wearing our designs on the website, it would look very cool). What a truly wonderful day.


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