A True Romance

By Team Einhorn


A True Romance

The evening was sultry, close, hardly a breath of air. It had been like that for days in the ‘Columbian campo’. Owen and Louise had been working hard in the bakery since 4.am… the villagers relied on them for their staple artisanal sourdough baguettes, without them how could the harvest be bought in? Owen could hear a baby crying in the distance as he kneaded the last batch of dough, tonight, he thought to himself I will do it tonight… Its the circle of life, it has to go on.

Always there were interruptions, the first time just as he was about to ask… a villager had hammered on Owen and Louise’s door looking to borrow a cup of sugar, the next time it was a horse bite that had turned nasty, how was Owen ever going to ask Louise to be his wife? The sweat from his brow dripped onto the last batch of dough, it’s a circle of bread he thought idly…

Later that evening cleaned and dressed in his finest poncho, Owen held Louise’s hand tightly in his as they climbed the hill behind their village house. She was a stunning women, her big round earrings glinted in the moonlight and her bright red lips spoke of promise and fulfilment. At last they came to their favourite palm tree and Owen taking a deep breath turned to Louise. He pulled her close against his manly chest and whispered into her freshly laundered hair, My darling… could you? Would you?……………..

I would like to tell you the rest but it gets a bit steamy after that, what with the humidity and the crickets etc, but I am happy to report, that our two lovers have just got married! Honestly it’s as if we were there the reporting of these events are SO accurate!

Owen and Louise came to us for their rings and to show you what can be done, Owen has had our silver Signet ring with his favourite Columbian palm tree engraved on it, and Louise has a yellow gold Halo wedding ring! What would you have?

Stephen Einhorn signet ring with palm tree engraving



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