Amazing Pearl Earrings With A £500,000 Price Tag

By Team Einhorn


Amazing Pearl Earrings With A £500,000 Price Tag

Yesterday as I was reading the newspaper on the tube and wondering for the millionth time what travelling will be like during the Olympics. My eye was caught by a story about a pair of pearl earrings.

Footnote: Earrings are for the EARS they work better that way.

These amazing pearl earrings came originally from King Carol 11 of Romania who had given them to his mistress Elena. Apparently abdicating for his true love and going to live in exile in Portugal, these incredible pearls had ended up being gifted to an ‘English friend’ and had been left in a dusty and I imagine full drawer somewhere in Wiltshire.

I tell you this women must have had a lot of ‘it’ factor to get someone to give up the throne for her. Just like Wallis Simpson, who I have read was a bit of a dominatrix and indulged Edwards love of feet, we shall say no more….

The incredible thing about these pearls is how valuable they are. It is thought that they might have come from the Gulf or off Western Australia. They are very large, from the pictures they look as if they are at least 20mm long which is huge. Along with that they are also perfect pair which is one of the things that makes them so valuable. Each natural pearl is a totally organic product so it’s extremely rare to find a pair of pearl earrings that match in this way.

We have our own pearl jewellery collection and the pearls we use are hand picked for their quality of colour, shape and lustre. Check out our Vermeer range for instance. In terms of lustre and colour, pearls should have a kind of deep shine to them that makes them look ‘rich’. I love pearls and the great thing about them is the more you wear them the better they look, as the natural oil from your skin keeps them warm and lustrous. The most amazing thing about these long lost pearl earrings is that they don’t appear to have lost their lustre or colour in anyway which you would have thought would have happened due to the fact that they were unworn and untouched for so long. I wonder who will buy them…..


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