David McAlmont and The Storytellers.

By Team Einhorn


David McAlmont and The Storytellers.

Portrait by JP Masclet.
1. Do you think the UK is a good place to live? Why?
Yes. Because London is in it.
2. If you were suddenly made prime minister what would be the first thing you would change?
I’d assemble a crack team to research and construct a PO Box facility for the homeless.
3. What is your favourite piece of work or the piece you are most proud of.
Apparently, I’ve created a new genre. Performative Presentation.
4. Who has been the greatest influence on your life?
My mother. She would never tell me what anything meant. I had to look in the dictionary. She sang like a siren too.
5. If you hadn’t done what you are doing, what else do you think you would also have been good at? Is there another career you would have liked to have had?
Long distance athlete.
6. What do you think it would be like being the opposite sex?
Infuriating. Architects don’t take women’s needs into account when it comes to servicios.
7. Who out of everyone alive or dead do you really like or would have liked to get to know, not just meet.
I would love to hang with Barry Gibb.
8. Do you think you would have carried on doing what you do if you hadn’t ever had any success?
Have I been successful? Chortle.
9. What is the most valuable piece of advice that anyone has ever given you that you have actually followed?
Look in the dictionary!
10. Lastly Which Stephen Einhorn piece of jewellery would you most like to own?
Never mind Stephen, just gimme the mad skills.

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