Mighty Women

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Mighty Women

Bette Davis & Joan Crawford - The Feud - Mighty Women

If you have watched Feud a fantastic series charting the antagonistic relationship between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, you will know that the story gives you an inkling of what these women were up against in order to forge their careers. The entertainment industry was much worse for women then, than it is now, and even now, it doesn’t seem to be that much better, but I’m only judging it as an outsider.

Watching The Golden Globes last week made me think of all the strong wonderful women who have come before those who won awards this week, and also all those who are coming in the future. I loved the sea of black clothes to support the Me Too campaign, but mostly I loved Natalie Portman who had the guts to say “And here are the three male nominees” when announcing the best director category. Interestingly the audience was shocked! Shocked really? It’s like, yes we ARE campaigning but not too loudly please Ladies there are men in the room.

I would urge you to follow a Facebook page called A Mighty Girl. It’s inspiring. They feature women from past and present who have really made a difference. Women you wouldn’t necessarily have heard of.

Margaret Mead was born in 1901. Mead, who was the most famous anthropologist in the world for much of the 20th century, is credited with popularizing the field of anthropology and introducing the public to the value of studying other cultures to gain insight into the human experience.

While we are at it, let’s try to wean our girls off the  ‘art of the selfie’ and try to encourage them to be proud of who they are and their wonderful brains instead of allowing them to grow up with the sole purpose of objectifying themselves and pleasing men, please?

Check out this wonderful women…

You will have heard her that’s for sure but you wouldn’t have known it. It’s incredible really that you HAVEN’T heard of her. Women in music is a subject very close to my heart. The music industry is as controlling and as sexist as any other industry and as ageist as the film industry. For this reason it’s even sweeter to see this women grooving away making hits without anyone telling her she’s too old to do it.

And lastly we have our very own mighty women right here at Stephen Einhorn. We are a company who employ strong independent and highly skilled women. We are very proud of that fact and very proud of them. If you see a photo of our workshop you will see that most of our jewellers are women. Yessireee!

Stephen Einhorn London Jewellery Workshop

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

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There is a long way to go for women to achieve true equity, but on this International Women’s Day we pay tribute to those giants who took us further down the road towards it.