Mothers Day – Who Doesn’t Want To Be Celebrated Once In A While?

By Team Einhorn


Mothers Day – Who Doesn’t Want To Be Celebrated Once In A While?

On March 30th this year my daughter will be exactly 11 months old. Now that’s a pretty exciting fact as it is.

Fingers crossed I won’t have left her on a bus, accidentally put her in the fridge or let her eat my glasses. All possibilities in my teething-induced sleep deprived state. But what makes it even more exciting is that March 30th is Mothers Day.

An American import! I hear you cry. Just another excuse for cheap commercialism! You holler. A marketing ploy from greetings cards companies! You scoff.

Yeah, it’s all that, I agree. (Though in fact celebrations of mothers and motherhood, in their different incarnations, date back to Ancient Greek and Roman times). But it’s also a celebration of something pretty spectacular, and frankly, who doesn’t want to be celebrated once in a while? Why are we so suspicious of a little unbridled joy and appreciation? The same criticism is often levelled at Valentine’s Day. Now I don’t want to be crammed into a restaurant playing Michael Buble while fellow couples are whisked through a heart shaped set menu and single roses wilt disgracefully on tables either, but would I scoff and tut if presented with a card and cooked a lovely meal? No I would not.

It’s not about the money spent. It’s about the thought. Over the years I’ve given my own, rather glamorous, mother, flowers and cards and tokens for unlimited tea. You’d have to ask her if these were welcomed or dismissed as gimmick. I suspect (and hope) the former.

It is true we should show people how much we love and value them every day, but the fact is we often don’t. Anyway Mothers Day is about more than that – it’s about being loved and valued for something specific and special. For me it’s a pretty momentous occasion. It’s a day to reflect on quite how much life has changed in the last 11 months, to marvel at its joyful strangeness, and to wonder where on earth my tiny daughter has stashed all those raisins…So this Mothers day is the first one for me as a Mother, and all I want is a cup of tea in bed. But I wouldn’t say no to one of these Madam Soho lockets!

Madam Soho Locket_Stephen Einhorn - Mothers Day Gift Ideas
Shop our handpicked selection of Mother’s Day jewellery gift ideas. Any one of these lovely things will do me if it’s cunningly slipped onto my saucer on Mother’s day… you choose!

Blog by: Lily Einhorn

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