Stephen Einhorn & Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day

By Team Einhorn


Stephen Einhorn & Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day

Some of the devastatingly good looking people who work here at Stephen Einhorn, seen here wearing their Christmas jumpers for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. Some people didn’t join in and skived off just before the photos but all in all a very good effort we thought.

Even our customers have been taking part – visiting our London jewellery shop in their finest Christmas winter woolies. A special mention to Mirco, one of our jewellers who actually cancelled a date in order to buy his very splendid attire! We love his jumper a lot.

Stephen Einhorn Christmas Jumper Day For Save The Children - Jewellery London

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LGBTQI+ rights have come a long way since we first started our business in 1995 (although sadly we've still got a long way to go.) Back in the 1990s we were devastated to hear our gay friends tell us that they were often made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome when they shopped for their engagement, commitment and eternity rings.  We felt back then as we do now that everyone deserves to feel special and valued when buying these significant pieces of jewellery. We made it our mission to create a safe haven where every single one of our customers is treated with the utmost respect, and we only hire staff who share our values.