The Olympic Site

By Jane


The Olympic Site

London Olympic 2012 Site Preview | Stephen Einhorn Jewellery DesignerLast Saturday as part of Londons’ Open House, Einhorn and I went for a tour around the new Olympic site. We were taken around in a tour bus and actually went inside the Olympic Stadium as well as inside the Olympic Village (which you are not normally allowed to do) but as part of Open House they let us in. We had a brilliant commentary all the way round by Ben Hurley who is part of the Olympic PR team. We were amazed! I had no idea how well thought out the whole project has been and how carefully everything is being built, the buildings, the gardens, the meadows, all constructed with total consideration to longevity and the impact on the environment. The above picture of the stadium shows the lighting gantrys that have been made using old gas pipes. The pipes have been bolted together instead of welded, so that after the Olympics, if they are not needed, they can be unbolted and reused! Impressive.

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