Why do we have a gay and lesbian section?

By Team Einhorn


Why do we have a gay and lesbian section?

Someone contacted us recently to say… “Why do you still have a gay and lesbian section? Surely we are all the same now? Isn’t this ghettoisation?”

We would love to say… Yes! You are absolutely right. There is no longer prejudice, everyone in the LGBTI community is treated equally, but sadly we know this is not true. We launched our e-commerce store in 1997, and have always had a gay and lesbian wedding and commitment jewellery section.

If there where no longer instances when a gay or lesbian couple or a transgender person and partner go into a shop to buy wedding rings and are made to feel uncomfortable, then we would probably also feel that we no longer needed this section and would change it. Yes we are all the same, we are all humans but sadly society doesn’t always see differences between us that way, and the reality is that a lot of retailers and sales assistants are not as open minded. Why should you have such a special occasion and what should be an exciting experience spoilt by some narrow minded idiot?

If everyone in the whole world was accepting of the LGBTI community, wouldn’t that be great?

We sell globally not just in the UK and we all know that there are countries where you will be imprisoned or even face a death sentence simply for being yourself. So… until these things change we want all our customers to feel accepted and wanted. We want our customers to see by looking at our website that we welcome you, we value you, whoever you are.

Stephen Einhorn Enamel Geo Rings

Here at Stephen Einhorn we can make anything in any size in any style as we make it all ourselves here in London. We make luxury jewellery for everyone. We can make whatever you want, whatever you need for that special day. If we don’t have your size, just ask us about it, we can accommodate all of you. Most of our jewellery is made to order.

In honour of Pride in London 2018 we are going to donate 10% of this weekends sales to the charity Stonewall. Their mission is to let all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, here and abroad, know they’re not alone. We need to do all we can to make the world a better place and that starts with education which in turn leads to acceptance. So let us all stand together today and have some fun whilst supporting our fellow human beings at Pride in London #PrideMatters.

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