Sterling Silver

Regularly give your sterling silver jewellery a good hand polish with our specialist silver jewellery cloth made from high quality cotton impregnated with a silver cleaner and anti-tarnish agent. This cloth is designed for dry-use and should remain effective as long as it is not washed.

If your sterling silver jewellery hasn't been worn for a long time it may become oxidised and tarnish. (An interesting note is that the oxidisation process happens because there is sulphur in our air, pre the Industrial Revolution silver didn’t tarnish nearly so much). If this happens it can be cleaned using our silver jewellery cloth, or it may require a professional clean and polish by our specialist jewellers as part of our re-vamp service.

We encourage you to bring your jewellery back to us every year for professional servicing. Our Stephen Einhorn jewellers will take time and care to inspect your jewellery in order to determine the service that needs to be provided. If it is necessary you will receive an estimate for any work that may need doing. We will provide the service as soon as you validate the estimate.

For more information please contact our London shop at or phone us on +44 (0) 20 7359 4977.