Young Einhorn Took Me To Valencia…

By Team Einhorn


Young Einhorn Took Me To Valencia…

Last week, Young Einhorn took me to Valencia. He needed some inspiration and we thought what better place to go. If you are a ‘creative’ or an artistic soul you need constant stimulation to get those creative juices flowing, therefore Einhorn has to be taken out and about quite a lot otherwise he just sits in a corner slumped in a deep malaise. With this in mind we hopped on a plane and immediately landed in the sunshine, oh joy! Our first job was to kiss The FC Barcelona team bus that was sitting outside the airport waiting for the team. Einhorn wanted to have his photo taken with the team but he got bored of waiting…..

Next stop The Central Market in Valencia.

Oh my god, hamtastic!! The market is quite amazing with fresh fish, fruit, vegetables beans, large juicy raisins, nuts, local wine, cheese… everything, why oh why don’t we have markets like these here?

We saw these lovely ladies in the street as it was the Fiesta de San Vicente Ferrer…they used to coil their hair up over their ears ‘Princess Leia style’ but now they buy the hair decorations attached to hairbands. So beautiful, I like the ladies in black behind them wearing the black mantillas. It’s a great look! Very Sopranos although I realise the reference is not quite right.

Next, Lunch outside Valencia with Constantino Martinez Orts Director of The Film Symphony Orchestra, who took us with his lovely girlfriend Sarah to eat black rice. Oooohhh scary, was absolutely delicious. Rice cooked in squid ink with pieces of squid and accompanied by Aioli. We were right in the middle of the area called The Huerta where all the rice is grown and also Chufa which are tiger nuts which are used in a drink that is typical of Valencia called Horchata that you drink with Fartons…Lovely! Normally Designer Einhorn doesn’t like to share but traditionally to eat this dish, you all eat out of the same pan so he had to.

We did lots of things, we saw a very famous TV host who is as famous as Simon Cowell in the spanish version of the X Factor, (and as nasty apparently) in a bar we went to called The White Bar which has over 80 different kinds of Gin, which is the new trendy drink in Valencia. We stayed up very late every night, we ate a lot of tapas and we looked at a lot of beautiful buildings. We also went to the famous City Of Arts and Sciences.

Sometimes Celebrity Jeweller Einhorn is simply out of control and it’s embarrassing!

It’s really quite a desolate place, with not much to do but wander around wondering where everyone else is. I’m not sure how the Valencians will ever get the money back they spent on this project, there’s very little to see or do. The buildings are incredible though and they are all covered in mosaic in the style of Gaudi, incredible.

The cathedral entrance at night. This is what I like, intricately crafted, absolutely beautiful, a bit old, and also a bit over the top. Sort of like Einhorn really. We loved Valencia and will be going back soon to see old friends!

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