Drawings of a bespoke flower engagement ring with blue tourmalines on top of them.


If you are looking for a bespoke engagement ring, designed just for you and your beloved, you are in the right place. We specialise in custom made rings and engagement jewellery, each piece designed to your own specifications, taste and style, made with our expert craft, skill and attention to detail. Stephen Einhorn’s bespoke engagement ring service is an exciting process involving consultations, design ideas, sketches, diamond or stone selection, fittings, and of course a glass of something sparkling to ensure that the experience is relaxed, exhilarating and luxurious from start to finish. 

Our bespoke engagement ring service is extremely important to us: allowing us the privilege to collaborate with you, honour your wishes, and create a piece of personalised jewellery you will enjoy wearing forever.

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A collage of hand and computer drawings of a bespoke flower engagement ring and a photo of the actual ring set with two blue tourmalines..

Past Bespoke Engagement Rings Examples

Bespoke Diamond Engagement Ring

This bespoke solitaire engagement ring is custom made in our London workshop in platinum with a 2ct central stone and diamond shoulders.

Bespoke Emeralds and Diamonds Engagement Ring

This bespoke palladium crossover engagement ring blends classic elegance with modern allure. Featuring square princess-cut emeralds and round brilliant-cut diamonds, it's a captivating nod to the glamour of the 1930s.

Bespoke Blue Sapphires & Diamond Engagement Ring

Inspired by the elegance of our beloved Vine ring and crafted with organic precision, this bespoke commissioned piece features two blue sapphires framing a striking diamond centre.

Bespoke Flower Engagement Ring

Bespoke double flower ring custom made in 18ct yellow gold and 18ct white gold with blue tourmalines. The precious stones in this special commission were a very unusual colour and slightly different from each other - the end result was absolutely beautiful.

A sales assistant is showing engagement rings to a gay couple.

1. Consultation

Your bespoke journey begins with a consultation, where we take the time to understand your style, what exactly the piece is you wish to create, and any references you have for the design you want us to make for you. Our expert showroom sales consultants will help and guide you, letting you know what is and is not possible, working with you to refine and imagine your idea into being.

Designer Stephen Einhorn is designing a bespoke double flower engagement ring on his computer.

2. Design

With the insights gained from the consultation, our skilled designers will draw - often in 3D -  an initial design that will bring your ideas to life and allow you to see what your jewellery will look like. This part of the process is a collaboration. We refine the design according to your feedback, making adjustments and incorporating any specific details you would like, to get your design exactly right for you.

A jeweller setting a blue tourmaline on a bespoke double flower ring.

3. Crafting

Once the final design is approved, our master crafts people spring into action, employing their unparalleled skills and expertise. They will select the finest materials, including precious metals and fabulous diamonds and gemstones, to create your unique piece of jewellery.

A photo of Stephen Einhorn sustainable packaging boxes and bags.

4. Delivery

We understand that unwrapping and discovery is part of the joy, and so we take great care in presenting your unique masterpiece in our luxurious gift boxes. Packaged in a sumptuous, fully sustainable box, your bespoke jewellery is ready to be delivered or for you to collect. We believe every aspect of the process should be one of pleasure and delight, from the design to the jewellery to the box.

A customer is getting advice by a jeweller about a piece of jewellery.

5. After Care

Our relationship with you extends far beyond the collection of your bespoke jewellery. We offer comprehensive aftercare services, including cleaning, resizing, and maintenance, to ensure your precious piece remains as exquisite as the day it was made. We are committed to providing excellent service and will always be available to answer any questions or provide further assistance.

It isn’t only engagement rings we create with our custom service, we also make wedding rings to match an existing band or to be worn on their own. Our bespoke wedding rings, for men or women, are designed to match your own unique sensibility, and we can work with you to design something contemporary and modern, or classic and elegant. In addition we specialise in fitting wedding bands to antique engagement rings.

Every piece of bespoke jewellery tells a unique story: one which belongs only to you. At Stephen Einhorn we pride ourselves on crafting exceptional one-of-a-kind creations that reflect your individuality. By combining your ideas with our skills in design and craftsmanship, we open up a world of exciting possibilities.

About Bespoke Engagement Rings Process

Our custom made, personalised jewellery service is the jewel in the Stephen Einhorn crown. We love designing our collections and imagining who they will end up with, but designing for an individual who we have got to know, creating unique commissions and collaborations, is a truly exciting process we feel privileged, every time, to be a part of.

Our diamond engagement rings are custom made, meaning each ring is made to measure, made to your design, made with your choice of gemstones and personalised just for you. Stephen Einhorn bespoke jewellery service is based in our London workshop, every piece quintessentially Stephen Einhorn whilst being simultaneously uniquely yours.

Bespoke jewellery design is a practice which involves skill and expertise, craftsmanship and artistry, as well as the ability to talk to customers and get to know their likes and dislikes, taste and style, and create something which reflects all of those elements.

We create harmonious rings during our commissioning process; diamond engagement rings which will sparkle for as long as you wear them (far beyond the wedding day), engagement jewellery which can be admired for many years after ‘I do.’

Come and visit our London showroom to discover our bespoke jewellery design, and discover how we can bring your personalised, custom made designs to life. Our bespoke jewellery service will not disappoint.


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