International Women’s Day – Needed Yet Depressing!

By Team Einhorn


International Women’s Day – Needed Yet Depressing!

Honestly how disgraceful to think in this day and age in the year 2015 there is still a need for a women’s day! It’s pathetic really. Outrage… For instance, female film stars are paid less than men! Why? Do they speak less, act less, do less? Maybe they aren’t as tall and male stars are paid by the metre… oh no that can’t be true what about Uma Thurman and Tom Cruise? That can’t be the reason, so why is it?

Patricia Arquette’s impassioned Oscars acceptance speech demands ‘wage equality and equal rights for women’

Although women got the vote in 1918 it was only for householders that were over the age of 30, all women over the age of 21 had to wait until 1928. I’m surprised that it happened so quickly, why not say for instance only women over the age of 21 who dress nicely and can ride a horse? Why stop at an age bar?

Sasha DiGiulian – Professional Rock Climber

I can’t understand why women don’t yet have proper equality, I find it incomprehensible. Is it because men are physically stronger that they have managed so much repression since the dawn of time? It must be something pretty basic. I do know of some pretty strong women and some pretty weak men.

Judith Weir CBE – Composer and Master of the Queen’s Music

Women are as clever, artistic, creative, and intellectual as men and what’s more they give birth as well! So what exactly is the problem?  And don’t get me started on whether women can be as meaningful or serious or as talented as a male artist, a male composer etc, because that is so utterly patronising and ridiculous. Just because (somehow in the large part) women still cook the porridge and wipe the bums, as well as do everything else, this shouldn’t negate their talent or their contribution – that is pure myth.

I’m glad we have an International Women’s Day but the fact that we need one is not only ridiculous it’s down right depressing!

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